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Christian Godess Keeps Crown, Donald Trump Says
Added May 13, 2009 � 12 comments (Displayed below)

MISS California USA 2009 Carrie Prejean, who has modelled for Saks Fifth Avenue, has been allowed to keep her Crown despite semi-nude photos of her were leaked on to the Internet. An evangelical Christian, she risked losing her crown after images of her wearing skimpy bottoms appeared on the Internet, despite she stated she had never posed nude or semi-nude.

Trump said the photos did not violate her contract as Miss California.

"We have determined that the pictures taken are fine," he said. "Some were very beautiful, some were risque, but, again, we're in the 21st century.... In many cases they were actually lovely pictures."

In a tearful address live on MSNBC television, Prejean attacked the leak of the pictures dating to the start of her modelling career at 17, saying the release was victimization for her opposition to gay marriage.

Prejean stated that there had been "hateful attacks, despicable rumours and false allegations" ever since she stated at the Miss USA contest that she only backed marriage between men and women.

"I am not an activist or anything. Nor do I have a personal agenda. I was thrown into this firestorm from the time I was asked this question on stage," she said.

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Anonymous said:
She is very religious.
Look what she said:

Carrie lives life to the fullest, and is reminded everyday by the verse Philippians 4:13 "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me".

That is from:

NY said:
These were the photos of the "evangelical Christian":

Yes, that is her in the lacey pink underwear, and topless...

Carrie Prejean said:
Prejean herself defended the first image, saying, "I am a Christian, and I am a model ... Models pose for pictures, including lingerie and swimwear photos."

Anonymous said:
In a Court document, Prejean's father describes a confrontation he had with her mother in 1996, in which "Ms. Prejean accused me, in front of our daughter, of homosexuality."

javster87 said:
Marriage = Union between a man and a woman! God made ADAM AND EVE, not ADAM AND STEVE!! All these f@gs are all up in arms because she has the b@lls to stand up for fer beliefs! Way to go Carrie! Dont let these idiots shut you up! They're scared of the truth, that's why they're trying to silence you girl!

steveiny said:
No,God made Adam and Steve."Eve" was a tranny.Look it up.

funwithgina said:
same way that you idiots believe that a virgin can give birth... I think religion is an excuse to be stupid..

rfbower said:
Ok, let me spell it out for you. She means that what she posed for was reasonable for her modeling occupation and discreet enough not to violate her religious beliefs. I don't think we should legislate the marraige options of non-Christians, but like her I believe that marraige was created for a man and a woman, and I'm going to say that if I'm directly asked the question, and it doesn't make me intolerant or a gay-hater. Political correctness isn't the standard I base my beliefs on, and it's ignorant to do so.

wolverb said:
I'm so sick of all the gays trying to destroy Carrie Prejean because she disagrees with gay marriage. She is a beautiful, intelligent Woman who obvisously makes her own decisions without caving in to the latest fad. Just because she has photos showing her beautiful body certainly doesn't have anything to do with her being for or against gay marriage. Who is this Perez Hilton anyway, what has this wimp ever accomplished. He doesn't even use his own name he had to steal if from a real person Paris Hilton. Perez is a nobody, he's never created anything, he's never built anything, all he does is tear down other people, he worthless and should be treated as so. I wish the media would be truthful and show the facts that 80% of the public supports Carrie over gays.

wolverb said:
Homosexuality is an insult. Gays are sick people in need of mental help. They are no different than any other sexually ill person. Gays are the same as sex addicts, rapists and child molesters.

GO TRUMP!!! said:
gotta luv the trumpernator!

ashlee said:
religion doesnt mean following rules. she could have posed topless because she felt god wanted her to do that so yeah stop dissing her ppl PLEZE!!!!!!!!!!!

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